Brand Identity to Rebranding

Cloude9 Holdings Limited is a Funeral Startup business with an aim of delivering value to the bereaved families in the UK. The Marketing Dots team was elated to be able to deliver a  Brand Identity for the Parent Brand of Cloude 9 Holdings, ‘Infinity Funeral Care’.


With a vision of improving the services within the UK Funeral Industry, the directors of Cloud9 Holdings Limited approached The Marketing Dots for creating a Brand that will reflect their ethos, and promise to the bereaved families. The instructions from the client included:

Brand name creation

Funeral care is one of the most important yet unrecognised service sectors in the UK. Cloud9 Holdings Limited wanted a funeral brand that will be serving the family in the years and generations to come. We were briefed to create a brand name that will be professional yet personable and that encompasses the whole journey of funeral services. Furthermore, the brand name required to be easily adaptable to their clients.

Logo creation

A logo that depicts the brand name, bereavement and memory

Brand Identity Guideline

A brand is created through following consistency throughout the business and its services. The brief from the client required us to create a guideline that helps in creating, embedding and maintaining the Brand Identity of Infinity Funeral Care.

Style guide

For maintaining consistency and relevance throughout the brand messaging and visual representation, we agreed to create a Brand Style Guide for the client. From the brand logo to brand image, colour palette, fonts, and visuals the style guide contained every detail about the brand.


Copyright and registration

We wanted to come up with a name that would capture the brand’s unique identity. While we shortlisted the suitable brand names for the client, at the research stage we found that many of those were already registered and copyrighted in the UK for different purposes.


We started the project at the beginning of 2021 when the whole world was still fighting with Covid 19. Illnesses in our team as well as the client’s team, the project timeline was affected.



A logo typically promotes a brand’s public identification and recognition. So, it was essential that we created a logo for Infinity Funeral Care that represents their brand persona in every way. Our team went through multiple revisions to design the perfect visual identity for Infinity. The firefly in the logotype is the symbol of memory, and reflects the light of hope in the darkest of time. It reminds us of the magical power of simplicity.

Brand Personality

The brand personality was developed based on a selection of aspiring characteristics of the brand and people associated with it. The aim of the Brand personality is to shine through its people, place and services.

Brand Name

It was vital to come up with a brand name that reflected the Brand personality, promise and beyond.

For the naming process, we worked together with the client to explore their brand requirements and get a clear understanding of their brand personal and vision. We researched potential naming themes which centred around the following:

The key criteria for finding a name was to be memorable and the feel of personal touch. It’s very important that the audience feel a connection and a strong sense of trust with the brand name.

Before landing on the name ‘Infinity’, we explored a range of names which had relevance to the funeral services and bereavement. Amongst the shortlisted brand names, ‘Infinity Funeral Care’ was chosen as it depicted/reflected the working ethos, brand purpose and the brand promise of  being there in the bereavement journey of the families always.

Brand Colours

To establish a visual identity for the brand, we developed a colour palette that reflects the spirituality and neutrality of our client’s service. Our creative team matched the colour psychology with the brand personality and promise, to select the Primary and Accent Colour Palette.

Tone of Voice

To keep the brand’s tone of voice clear and friendly, we instituted a uniform brand voice throughout the brand messaging.

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