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Elevating Vince LeRoy's Footwear Startup with Creative Solutions

The Marketing Dots recently undertook a vibrant project with Vince LeRoy, a budding footwear startup in the B2C sector, targeting the energetic US consumer market. The collaboration focused on providing Marketing Consultancy and Developing a Shopify website to resonate with the brand’s trendy audience.


Vince LeRoy approached The Marketing Dots for their expertise in marketing strategy and website development. The objective was clear: establish an online presence that aligns with the brand’s identity and appeals to trendy individuals seeking unique footwear options.

Our Process

Understanding the Audience

The Marketing Dots initiated the project by delving deep into understanding the preferences and aspirations of the target audience. This helped in crafting a strategy that would genuinely connect with the funky and vibrant demographic.

Shopify Website Development

Leveraging Shopify as the chosen platform, The Marketing Dots designed and developed a visually appealing and user-friendly website by modifying a Shopify Theme. The focus was on creating an immersive online shopping experience that resonated with the brand’s identity.


To create a strong, recognisable brand campaign across channels, it is essential to maintain consistent branding throughout all materials used in your integrated marketing efforts. This ensures customers can easily identify with the message you’re trying to convey while increasing the effectiveness of your overall campaign.


Vince Leroy team was delivered with a Sopify based mobile optimised e-commerce platform for selling their fashion footwear in the USA market.

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