Excel Solutions Case Study

Enhancing Commercial Presence for Excel Solutions

Excel Satellites London is a well-established AV and telecom solution provider with 25 years of experience. They specialise in supplying and installing CCTV, Wi-Fi solutions, mobile network solutions, and other connectivity services for both residential and commercial sectors. 


After a long stint of 25 years, Excel Satellites London wanted to add a different dimension to their business and the strategy directed to a rebranding.

‘Excel Solutions London’, the new brand name was introduced to reflect the new horizon of services and solutions the team evolved to offer.

The Marketing Dots team were engaged and trusted with the rebranding and website development project.

Project Plan

Both the Brand and Website projects were thoroughly planned to ensure transparency and meet the client’s expectations. The Marketing Dots and the Excel team collaborated closely, understanding each other’s responsibilities. The project was divided into six key stages:



In this initial phase, we delved deep into understanding Excel Solutions’ business, identified their target audience, and crafted a series of logo concepts, colour palettes and typography. Alongside the branding, the website team worked on a sitemap for the website to organise the new content and navigation.

UX/UI and Front-end

Once we had a solid Brand Concept in place, we transitioned to the design phase. Here, we meticulously developed the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. Upon receiving Excel Solutions’ approval, we proceeded with the front-end development.

Content and Back-end

Content development and back-end development occurred simultaneously. While the content was being created and refined by Excel Solutions team, we focused on customising the back end to ensure a user-friendly interface and smooth navigation.


After rigorous internal testing, we shared a test URL with Excel Solutions for their assessment. This phase encompassed a thorough examination of content accuracy, functionality testing, and a precise check to ensure all the layouts performed flawlessly.

Feedback and Second Stage of Testing

We valued Excel Solutions’ feedback immensely, and we precisely implemented the suggestions and where appropriate we recommended best practices to guide the client. A second round of testing was carried out to ensure an impeccable user experience.


Launching and Handover Process

The final stage featured a two-day launch process, which included seamlessly transferring the website from a dummy domain to its designated final destination. Depending on the project’s scale, The Marketing Dots conducted either an informative training session or provided comprehensive screen recordings to facilitate effortless content uploads and future website management.


The Marketing Dots followed a structured process to deliver the desired outcome for Excel Solutions:

  • Discovery: We’ve engaged in a thorough discovery phase to understand Excel Solutions’ business, target audience, and objectives for the new website.
  • Conceptualisation: Building on the discovery phase, a concept was developed that aligned with Excel Solutions’ goals of expanding into the commercial sector.
  • Development: The project was divided into stages, each with a clear focus, enabling a systematic approach to development.


Time was the biggest challenge. Although The Marketing Dots were ready with the website architecture, the Contents were not ready in time. This delayed the whole website project. The Marketing Dots team later assisted with the visual contents and provided guidance to the Excel Solutions team in order to ensure agility and timeliness in project delivery .

Althouth the Brand name evolution was decided at the beginning of the project, the decision regarding re-branding came much later. However, our expert project manager ensured that the introduction of the re-branding project doesn’t affect the website delivery.


The Excel Solutions project resulted in a successful transformation of their Brand and Online presence. 

The rebranding exercise provided Excel Solutions with a modern and appealing identity that resonates with SMEs in their target markets. While the new website communicating  the values, vision, services and the expertise of the Excel Solutions team to their target audiences.

During the project meeting our client’s brief, guiding them to achieve the best result, and achieving their satisfaction was at the core of all our processes.

Our USPs for This Project

  1. Understanding client’s priorities and requirements
  2. Thorough account management and communications
  3. Flexible approach
  4. Rigorous project management
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